Interferon – a part of the immune system

The role of interferons in the evolution of vertebrates

Interferons (IFN) are the basis of antiviral protection in all vertebrates.

When attacked by viral particles, almost any cell in the body can synthesize interferon molecules, informing the rest of the cells that it is infected. Immune cells move towards this signal to eliminate the danger faster. Tissue cells, having received the IFN signal, rearrange their biochemical processes to protect themselves from viruses or slow down their reproduction if they failed to protect themselves.

Innate immunity is a quick but crude response to danger. The innate immune system triggers the acquired immune system through the interferon system – an exact but slow tool for protecting the body from external influences.

The IFN molecule does not fight directly against the viral particle but triggers all the antiviral protection mechanisms without exception. [Read more…]

Interferon triggers all the antiviral protection mechanisms

Actual knowledge about human interferon

Interferon in the human body is produced and functions based on the same principles as in other vertebrates. The human IFN system’s peculiarity is the variety of protective and regulatory processes triggered or stimulated by interferon. Depending on which genes encode the form of the IFN molecule, there are 3 types of interferon.

People have been using interferon since 1960 for the prevention and treatment of viral, fungal, and oncological diseases. [Read more…]

n 2020, the study of human interferon was mainly aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Some current topics:

Severe COVID-19 is associated with SARS-CoV-2 ability to suppress interferon production

Interferon beta is not detecting in the body of infected people. The level of interferon-alpha decreases with increasing severity of the disease

Type I interferons as a perspective treatment for COVID-19

Efficacy and safety of IFN-I in treating the new coronavirus

Covid-19 experimental treatment with nebulized interferon-α2b accelerates recovery by 30%

IFN-α2b aerosol normalizes the indicators of the interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein acute phase of inflammation. It prevents the development of an autoimmune reaction and body tissues damage

Interferons against diseases

Interferons are highly active molecules with strictly regulated synthesis by different body systems. To survive, some pathogens are able to counteract the production and action of interferons. Humanity has learned to produce additional IFN molecules to treat and prevent disease.

This section talks about research on diseases against which interferons are effective.

Вакцины от COVID-19 дают защитный иммунитет? Мировой опыт: статистика и исследования

Вакцинированные от коронавируса могут заболеть бессимптомно и быть заразными, а привитые с симптомами болеют легче и быстрее

T-клеточный ответ на вакцинацию защищает от новых штаммов коронавируса

Т-клетки людей, вылечившихся от COVID-19 или получивших вакцины, могут распознавать разные штаммы SARS-CoV-2

Interferon Autoantibodies Increase The Risk of Critical COVID-19 in Elders

Autoantibodies that neutralize type I interferons are present in 4% of uninfected people over 70 and are responsible for 20% of deaths from COVID-19

Longevity and interferons: general factors for a healthy life

Interferons are part of the innate immune system. It is the immune system that provides homeostasis – the body’s ability to maintain its vital functions. The better the immune system works, the longer the body lives.

Many health factors are aimed at strengthening the immune system and hence the interferon system. This section presents studies that identify and explain the “longevity – immunity – interferon” relationship.

Interferon in the central nervous system

Helpful and harmful effects of interferon in the brain

Protective and pathogenic effects of interferon during pregnancy

Interferon affects the outcome of both a healthy pregnancy and a pregnancy complicated by a viral infection or an autoimmune disease

A hot sauna will protect you from the coronavirus

Hydrothermotherapy for the prevention and treatment of mild and moderate cases of COVID-19

Yogurt enhances the expression of interferon-gamma

The effect of fermented milk on interferon production in children with malnutrition and patients with anorexia nervosa

Fasting prolongs life, supports cell health, and regulates interferon production

Moderate cellular stress increases the level of reactive oxygen species and contributes to the adaptation of the body

COVID-19: Nutrition and longevity

How to adjust your diet to increase your antiviral protection and live longer