United Kingdom

Inhaled interferon-beta is effective and safe in treating SARS-CoV-2

British randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, Phase 2

How dangerous is smell loss in COVID-19 and how you can revive it

People with an impaired sense of smell are less likely to recognize spoiled foods and toxic substances

A new strain of coronavirus from the UK. Of what we aware?

Data is still scarce, but it may have a higher infection rate and is worse recognized by some PCR tests

Inhalation of interferon β-1a reduces mortality in COVID-19 and accelerates recovery

The results of the phase 2 study of the effectiveness of interferon β-1a inhalation in coronavirus infection have been published

A giant fine for violating self-isolation under COVID-19? It is already a reality

The second wave of COVID-19 forced the UK authorities to tighten laws. Even for the absence of a mask, you can get a 100 pound fine and a criminal record in case of recidivism.

COVID-19 pandemic graphic analysis

Epidemy dynamics in different countries. Infection, morbidity, level of examination and polarity